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A Little Bit About Shaggy Duck (Quack!)...

Shaggy Duck Media & Design is a small, independent design studio specifically geared to meet the needs of small to medium sized companies lost when it comes to Design, "The Internets", Social Media and Brand Spreading. We thrive on helping Mom & Pops discover new forms of brand awareness while our expertise lies in designing whimsical graphics, cartoon logos and conquering the latest social media fads. But don't let our extremely fun, lighthearted designs fool you, we take advertising very seriously.

We were online serving clients before Google was even a legitimate search engine. Since 1999 we have built a client list of entrepreneurial individuals and start up companies in almost every major country in the world, all from our small studio in Enid, Oklahoma. Proof that we understand online business and spreading a brand beyond its normal limits. Spend a little time with us and you'll understand the affordable options we've created to help you market your brand.

Our new philosophy is to throw out traditional advertising and start Brand Spreading. Watch for our book on the subject coming soon!!

If your business is in the Enid area, let us show you how we can use the power of Enid Buzz to increase your sales and traffic. And ask about our web hosting packages!