1. What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the knowledge of how to optimize a web page so that ranks as high as possible in a search engine. Because of my skills with SEO I am able to get my many websites ranked at the top of Google which in turn drives large amounts of traffic to my empire and I then make more money with advertising and AdSense.

2. Are your cartoons in the funny papers?
No. I’m not a syndicated cartoonist that draws a daily comic strip. I draw cartoons that are used in logos, branding and marketing. I also draw cartoons that are sold online as clip art, royalty free characters, greeting cards and other entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Did you ever meet Farrah?
No. She did come to my hometown with Lee Majors one year during the National Quail Hunt in Enid, OK.

4. Can you really make money online?
Yes. I make a nice 5 figure income from AdSense alone and a decent 6 figure income through all of my online ventures. I will make a million dollars with nothing but my websites and will retire to the beach.

5. Do you have a picture of Michael Jackson in a coffin?
No. As a parody I wrote a blog post with a picture of me in a coffin dressed as Michael. The picture was taken many years before his death at a Halloween party. I optimized the photo and it now shows up at the top of all Jackson coffin searches, of which there are many. Please stop looking for pictures of his dead body.