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Shaggy Duck has a new logo and a new name!!! No longer are we just a graphic design studio creating logos, brochures, illustrations, websites and more. We are expanding into more media options and what we call “Brand Spreading.” Brand spreading is much more than just creating the “look” of your company, it is also helping you spread your message, your theme and even your values.

Brand spreading is done through much more than just advertising a logo design, it is connecting you with your customers and top influencers through social media, blogs, video, word of mouth and viral marketing. It’s listening to feedback and acting upon that data and it’s also delivering your message specifically to people that want to hear from you.

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Cool Bar Graphic

Shaggy Duck Media & Design properties:

The Curtoons Cartoon Company – Specializing in cartoon logos online since 1999. One of the largest cartoon logo portfolios on the Internet and ranked #1 in Google for the term “cartoon logos” for over a decade. Curtoons is looked at as the industry expert on cartoon logo design and has created many of the techniques and practices used throughout the industry.

Enid Buzz – Bringing entertainment news to Enid, Oklahoma to show off the towns charm and lifestyle. Also archiving vintage photographs, businesses, stories and lore from our rich history. Reaching Enid residents since 2005 and connecting them with local businesses through advertising and our online business directory. – The hottest, most buzzed about Facebook page in Enid, Oklahoma. This page is growing quickly and reaching a core group of Enid buyers multiple times a day.

ChuckleBerry’s Paper Card Company – Once a small paper card company selling funny greeting cards wholesale to retailers throughout the United States and a few other countries. ChuckleBerry’s owns the rights to over 100 funny birthday, Christmas, get well and other card designs. ChuckleBerry’s now sells paper cards through many venues including Zazzle and is expanding its brand into t-shirts and other gift merchandise.


Cool Bar Graphic