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Shaggy Duck concentrates on the front end of web design. That includes page design, navigation, graphics, photographs and more. We also have skilled experience with domain names, hosting, WordPress installation, PayPal buttons and search engine optimization.

Let us help you set up a personal blog, business website or small web presence. We can also help you set up a Facebook page and Twitter account.

  • Website Design
  • Personal Blog Creation
  • WordPress Setup and Instruction
  • Hosting and Domains
  • SEO Implementation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine and Algorithm Understanding
  • Keyword Research

Shaggy Duck Studios became so adept at SEO that it began to earn more income with it’s rankings than it was in actual web design. Shaggy Duck now owns a network of websites, blogs and directories that attract enough traffic to help you with most any Internet advertising needs.

We own a great portfolio of domain names if you are in need of an aged domain and we’ve built websites and sold them even selling a puppy naming website for five figures. You can rely on Shaggy Duck Studios to understand the latest news, tips and concerns with Google and the latest ranking factors.

Additional Notes and Knowledge:

SD has guest posted for Shoemoney.com on the subject of affiliate marketing and also had a comment chosen as a topic for a guest post on JohnChow.com.